October 22, 2013

Vinny writes a letter to Greenpeace (har har!)

Ahoy Greenpeace,

You know, I've been contemplating writing you for a while now. I admire your work and I'm sure you admire mine. Being green, as you well know, is a wonderful thing and slowly but surely we will make the whole world green, and then finally be at peace. One day we will rule the world!

We actually have a lot in common, which I'm sure you realized already. As I said, we're both green, and we both have links to piracy. I, being a parrot, have been accused of being a Pirate's pet in movies and tv, books, music, sports .. heck, even you confirm the link between parrots and pirates in this article!

And now, thanks to the Russian government, you are a pirate organization as well. On behalf of all Pirates, I'd like to welcome you to the wonderful global community of Piracy. Maybe, next year on September 19th, we can meet up for Talk Like A Pirate Day. Would be fun, right?

So, besides our wonderful color and the fact that we have close ties with piracy, the third thing we have in common is the fact that we both live in captivity. For you it's the 30 pirates on the Arctic Sunrise (a very fine pirate ship!) in Murmansk, Russia, for me it's in The Netherlands. I spend most of my time behind bars. I guess we kinda suck at being Pirates, right?

Now, I do have to admit that I kinda suffer from Stockholm Syndrome. I love my captors dearly. I even show that love by throwing up on them now and then. And they always treat me very well. Maybe you should throw up on Russia to show that you're not against them!

The last thing we definitely have in common, is that we are both too small to have a real effect . If it was up to me, the world would be ruled by parrots! It would definitely be a better place. Unfortunately, I haven't figured out how to really make an impact. My writings on this blog are a first step, according to my media adviser, but there's still lots to do. And I guess you only get attention when you're associated with something as cool as piracy.

One day we'll rule the world for sure! Maybe we should work together on this. You know where to reach me, so just get in touch when you're ready.

All in all I just wanted to write this letter to you, to show you my support. It's a harsh world and many people, governments and organizations want to either exploit us or have it in for us. I hope that somehow you figure out to pick the lock on your pirate's cages, and fly free once again!

Good luck and bon voyage! Arrrr!


(images in this article are from various sources around the internet, including Greenpeace)