May 10, 2013

Vinny takes a shower

Hello everyone, just a quick note with some Youtube action here. Well, actually it's just audio, but at least you get a pretty picture of Vinny, sitting on his custom-made shower perch. 

Vinny has been pretty vocal from the start, but he's getting better and better. Any hissing sound, he still has trouble with (f, v, s, sh, etc). Lucky for us, that excludes some profane words. But the words he does speak, he gets much clearer in saying. 

Well, practice makes perfect, right? Almost every morning he gets a shower, together with me. First he gets his 5 minutes of cold spray (he doesn't like warm or even luke warm) and he sometimes really digs in, spreading his wings and all. After that, I take my shower, and he sits there talking. 

Earlier this week, I took my new Samsung Galaxy S4 phone (Woohoo!) with me in the shower and recorded some audio, while he was quiet. You won't hear me, just the shower and Vinny. Mind you, this is unedited and there is an inherent danger of getting bored! Just skip back & forth as you see fit. 

(in case you can't see embedded video: click here)

One thing you may hear him say a lot, is Go Poopie. Also see the previous post on this blog, "Vinny talks dirty!" But you might recognize some other catch phrases. I pointed out a few in this video (make sure captions are on). Can you discover more recognizable speech? Please feel free to leave comments!

Oh, and while you're listening to Vinny, have a look at some random pictures of Vinny (see below, fresh from the last week).

Till next time!

Vinny sitting on his small cage in our office

Vinny in the shower, on his special perch (pvc pipe, stainless steel screws, vet wrap, no glue)

Again, Vinny on his small cage in the office

Vinny checking himself out, while trying on some jewelry

Monthly weighing session. Right on target! (420-430 grams, ~15 oz)
ps. yes, he pulled out the button on the right!