April 15, 2012

Vinny goes social!

Vinny isn't very skilled at the computer. As you can see, he did have a go at it (especially the scroll-wheel of my mouse). Had to get a new one, but it was time for that anyway. My 'punishment' for not paying attention for a few seconds.

We'll go into what we sometimes call 'Vinny karma' later.

Anyway, the point of this is that my girlfriend and I see ourselves as Vinny's 'publicists'. We post on his behalf, so to speak. Why? Well, as we said in the welcome post, we think that the info we've gathered so far  might help people who just got a young parrot themselves (even though we hardly call ourselves experts). And hopefully it's a nice read at the same time.

At the moment, Vinny is working his way through a mini-pumpkin filled with more fruity goodies and looking at me with those big cute googly eyes, and I can see him thinking: "Hey you, keep concentrating on that blog! And why haven't you tweeted yet today? What the hell am I paying you for? Oh, and don't forget, I'll be asking for more food later and demand some attention. Just so you know! And I might poop on you or wipe my pumpkin-beak on your shirt".

Yes, we love him anyway.

We have our own social media channels like Twitter, Google+ and YouTube, so we figured it might be fun for Vinny to have his own ways of communicating with the world through the internet. For the last few weeks, we've been doing that in those various ways, but as of now, we're concentrating everything around the centerpiece of it all, and you're reading it right now.

So, since this blog is now the epicenter of Vinny's online presence, from here it's easy to find your way to his other social media channels.


Before writing this blog, from the moment that Vinny moved in with us, we kept a diary on a Dutch forum for parrot owners. Feel free to visit this one as well and read up. Don't forget to go to the other pages as well. Four pages so far.

Diary on Sennapapegaaien.nl
Diary on Sennapapegaaien.nl, with Google Translate

On this forum, you'll also find some baby pictures of Vinny. We'll post those snapshots on here as well, later on.

Take care, and see you in the next post!