April 15, 2012

Nosy bird!

We've had Vinny for a month now, and we can distinguish Vinny's various moods. There's sleepy, hungry, playful, quiet, vocal and nosy. Well, that's so far. Sometimes we're able to help him get into another mood, if our moods don't match Vinny's and if we need him to quiet down or if we have time to play with him.

Vocal is the most fun for us, at the moment. Every time he gets giggles and laughs from us when he's making all the cute sounds and is mumbling along with music (he likes 60s and 70s the most so far). When he's playful, he sometimes growls in a funny way, at his toys, at the perch, and once in a while we think he has an imaginary friend.

And then there's nosy. Or maybe curious is a better word. At those time's he's just into everything. And by that, I mean everything! If he's in this mood, the term 'attention span' is not in his vocabulary.

He's active, won't sit still, plays on his jungle jim, but also wants a taste of everything that he can find. Whether it's a mouse cord, a pen, a cap from a soda bottle, it really doesn't matter. We sit upstairs in our office a lot, so this is the place where he has most of his toys. He also has a few stands and swings here. Downstairs is his big cage, but in the office is where he sleeps, in a smaller cage.

This cage sits by the window (can be 100% blinded if we need darkness for Vinny), and there's also our solution for when he's curious. We just put him on top of the cage, right with his nose touching the window. He can just look outside and will sit there happily for quite a while. He'll growl, make funny sounds, or just look at the birds outside, cars and buses driving past, and so forth.

Last week it was sunny outside and we took a few snapshots of him, when he was in the nosy mood. He was staring outside and I could swear he was saying 'bus', when he saw a moped racing by. Of course, that could have just been my imagination.

We'll go into Vinny's various moods and how to swing those moods in another post. In the meantime, here are a few pictures of Vinny, on top of his cage, looking outside.