December 31, 2015

Vinny shows off 4 years of personal growth

Vinny came out of his egg on January 1st, 2012. That makes him 4 years of age tomorrow! Congratulations to Vinny of course, but also a time to reflect on how he is now.

And we can be short about this, he's doing great. The past year Vinny has gone through a big molt that lasted almost half a year and he has learned new words and phrases. Like most parrots, their talking/whistling/mumbling is usually triggered by some kind of background sound. Could be a tv, could be music playing, or could be people talking.

In Vinny's case, we noticed that he often laughs along with the audience when we are watching a sitcom. Or he starts whistling when he's waiting for a shower and I'm in there whistling a song. By now he knows part of the Addams Family theme song. And apparently he has picked up on the snoring sounds I make, since he had a few sleep overs in our bedroom recently. Wonderful (ahum) ...

As you can imagine, he constantly brings us lots of joy, usually when he surprises us with his wit and smarts. For example, he often shows his cleverness when he's downstairs and says 'Wanna go upstairs?', yet when he's upstairs with us, he sometimes utters 'Wanna come downstairs'?

And of course he's gotten better at saying the things we've been talking about before. 'Go Poopie' is still one of his favorites, and when he wants/needs a shower, he usually lets us know by saying 'Shower?'. That in itself is not new, but he did progress from 'ower' to 'shower'.

I'm dreading the day he'll fully have outsmarted us!

Now, I know what you're thinking ... is this all we get? An update on this blog once a year? That's it? The simple answer is No. As you may or may not know, Vinny has a Facebook page and by now over 2,100 friends and strangers are following him. Amazing, isn't it? Vinny has done some posts during the year, and there will be more stuff on this blog in the year to come. That's a New Year's Resolution for 2016.

For everyone who's curious on how Vinny sounds and what he looks like, here's a 3 minute YouTube video compiled from pictures that have appeared on this blog and his Facebook page, accompanied by an edited soundtrack of Vinny talking and making sounds. We were able to make a 14 minute recording of Vinny and edited out the boring/silent parts, which left us with enough material for a video. So here goes ...

And after this there's only one more thing left to say ... 

Happy New Year, and lots of luck, happiness, success and love for 2016 !!!