May 15, 2012

From Baby-Vinny To Big-Bird-Vinny

It's so funny that it seems such a long time ago that Vinny became part of our lives. The days (back in December) that we were excited because there was an egg with our name on it feels like ages ago. And yet ... we're still very much starter-parronts (parrot parents). Every day we learn something new about Vinny, and of course we try to shape Vinny's youth as well, by letting him experience as many new things as possible.

Today we received a very kind email from Jessika (the breeder where we got Vinny). Vinny's parents are doing very well and are actually sitting on eggs again (about to hatch this weekend). Jessika is fantastic and we are very very happy that we found her. Kudos to Jessika! We'll keep in touch for sure.

Anyway, this sudden spur of sentiment also reminded me of a quick blog post I had in mind for a while already. So here we go ... a quick history of Vinny, in pictures:

Vinny and his sister, 2 weeks old
(photo courtesy of Jessika Timmer)

Vinny with green pin feathers and got his ring now, 4 weeks old
(photo courtesy of Jessika Timmer)

Vinny on the day he left the nest, 6 weeks old

Vinny at the vet, getting checked & chipped, 9 weeks old
(photo courtesy of Jessika Timmer)

Vinny getting picture taken for passport, 3 months old

Vinny out in the park with us, 4 months old (2 weeks ago)