April 08, 2012

Welcome to Vinny Takes Charge!

This is Vinny's blog. He lives in Groningen, in the northern part of the Netherlands. He's a funny bird! He's also a young one, still. At the time of writing, he's about 14 weeks old, can't speak yet, but is definitely discovering the world around him, bit by bit.

Just to get this clear right away, Vinny is not proficient in typing (yet). Yes, he can walk on a keyboard and anything that comes out would probably look something like this: 'aaaaaaaAAAAAAAAASDFFFFFF <<<<///////' before hitting some key that would shut down the writing screen open at the time. So, it's Vinny's proud 'parronts' (parrot parents) who are writing this blog.

In short, this blog will tell you about Vinny's adventures and show some photos and videos, but also try to talk from a parrot owner's view and explain the problems we've encountered, how we solved them and the wonders we've discovered. We'll try to deal with all of this topic by topic.

See, the thing is: we've noticed that there's a LOT of info available on blogs, forums and other informational websites. However, there aren't a lot that deal with first time baby parrot stuff. So, even though we have had our baby parrot for over 3 weeks now, we'll start from the top.

Why did we pick the species of parrot that we liked, how did we go about selecting a cage, how did we find a breeder, etcetera. After that, we'll tell you a bit about Vinny specifically, and things that we've discovered.

As you may have noticed if you looked at Vinny's Google+ profile, he's a male Eclectus. For this reason, plus given the fact that we don't have experience with other large parrots, we can only talk from an Eclectus owner's point of view. But some of the stuff that we talk about, will definitely be solid information, regardless of the species of parrot you have.

So, what will you get when you read this blog?
- fun read
- info for new parrot owners
- anecdotes about Vinny

At this point, before getting to the good stuff, just a few tiny disclaimers:
- 'Fun' is very subjective. If you don't think it's a fun read, please let us know by giving constructive criticism. If you do think it's fun to read this blog, you can send us flowers, lots 'o money, front-row tickets to 2012 Olympics events, but of course just compliments by email are very welcome as well.
- Info for new parrot owners: please realize that in no way we're experts. We're handling anything that concerns Vinny in the best possible way we see fit, by finding info on various websites but also by trial-and-error. However, we strongly believe that it can be very helpful to learn from other people's mistakes and experience, so hopefully the info we give you will be of help to you.
- Anecdotes about Vinny: actually this falls under the header 'fun read', we hope. We'll put some pics and vids in here for fun as well. The only reason I'm mentioning this under 'disclaimer', is that we provide most of the stories and pictures and video's for this blog ourselves. And where we don't, we'll tell you the source.

Alright, on with it, enough of the boring babble!
Have fun reading this blog!